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GdNewHat Project aim to develop and distribute fully free GNU/Linux-libre system distribution based on free software community's accomplishments. We are always following a free system distribution guideline, making an attempt to remove non-free components such as non-free firmware, driver, software and document or replace them with free ones from our software repository and system distribution wherever possible.

GdNewHat system is running on binary-blob (non-free firmware, driver) free GNU Linux-libre kernel that is maintained by FSF Latin America instead of official linux kernel. So, some hardware may not enough function or may be unsupported in a lot of cases. However, you can make completely clean computer system with only free software without restrictive licenses if you use it.

Contained packages are released under free software licenses individually. Please read each packages's manuals or licenses list for more detail if necessary.

Important notice for x86_64 (with UEFI) users:

The shim loader will be updated and provided after Apr. 3, 2014 as new updaters of our RPM repositories. It will not contain any keys for Secure Boot function because we decided to completely remove them. So, your x86_64 version Hatrack will not boot if your PC are turning on Secure Boot function in BIOS (and/or UEFI) menu. To avoid this problem, please check current BIOS (and/or UEFI) configuration and turn off Secure Boot function. Sorry to put you to the trouble.


Apr. 17, 2014 Shintaro Shinozaki <taro#gdnewhat.org> (#=@)
- Download page on this website was slightly updated.

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