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GdNewHat Hatrack20

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Note: "Hatrack" is Fedora Remix based on upstream's official release binaries and sources. It run on GNU Linux-libre kernel. There are i386 for 32-bit PC and x86_64 for 64-bit PC version, they are ready to use. Intel-compatible PC, least 1GB RAM and 10GB disk space are recommended for installation. If your PC have more than 3GB RAM, you will install PAE kernel by yum command in cases where you install i386 version. Secure Boot is not supported. Default desktop environment is MATE. Non-critical bug may happen in rare cases after first login. Please read a bug report if necessary.

If you found non-free components in GdNewHat system distribution and/or our software repositories, please email us. We will soon check them and fix problems wherever possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sources repository:

http://vault.gdnewhat.org (All sources, Up to 100Mbps, Japan)

RPM repositories:

http://jp.gdnewhat.org(i686 and x86_64 binaries, Up to 100Mbps, Japan)
http://us.gdnewhat.org(i686 binaries, Up to 100Mbps, United States)
http://mir01.gdnewhat-jp.org(i686 and x86_64 binaries, Up to 200Mbps, Japan)



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